I am selling my two lego sets that I played with when I was a child:

this set (Space Supply Station, set 6930, released in 1983)

as well as the Alpha-1 Rocket Base

In March 2017, I washed all the pieces, let them air dry fully, constructed them, and took note of all missing parts.
I made inventories for both sets. A link to the inventory spreadsheet is at the bottom of this page. But first, photos!

Click on any photo for a very large (15 Megapixel) version.

Here is everything you will get if you purchase the Space Supply Station:

Here are the land vehicles:

Here are the flying saucers. I think I gave one of these away or something, but I managed to find most of the parts:

Here is the front of the Station:

Here are two shots of the back of the station:


A few extra pieces:

Notes about the Inventory Spreadsheet

I've made three columns for missing parts: good substitute, bad substitute, and missing. All other pieces are present and original, though as you can see, many of the pieces have discolored with age.
For the missing / substituted pieces, there is a photo of the piece, and a link to it on bricklink, as well as a note about it.
(In columns to the right, there are photos and links for all the pieces, but I wanted the missing ones to jump out at you.)
Keep in mind that the photos shown are what you get-- the inventory spreadsheet exactly matches those photos. I've done my best to show the pieces that aren't originals, but I know I missed at least one, so please refer to the spreadsheet.

Inventory Spreadsheet

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